One of Peter's other interests is in comic book artwork. It started with an early love of the Beano, Charles M Schulz and Gary Larson. He is a self taught artist and graphic designer and samples of his work can be seen below.

Aspirational Quarantine - Comic
Body of Christ - Comic
Blood of Christ - Comic
Every Concert Ever - Comic
Final Thoughts on BREXIT - Comic
Four Panel Freak Out - Comic
Gavin's New Tie - Comic
Good Ol' Fashioned Ebook Burning - Comic
Hairy Styles - Comic
How's the Writng Going - Comic
I'd Like to Thank - Comic
Irish Star Wars Keeps Me Awake - Comic
It's Not Just At Sports - Comic
New Radiohead Album - Comic
NI Election Slogans - Comic
Short Distance - Comic
Standard Zombie Dating Issues - Comic
Street Fighting Sister - Comic
The Eagle Flies North - Comic
The Laying of Hands - Comic
The Mouth of Christmas - Comic
The Passive Aggressive Wedding - Comic
The Wizzard of Obvs - Comic
Those E-Harmony Ads - Comic
Unbearably Cute Yet Thirsty Puppy - Comic
We All Have A Book Inside Us - Comic
We Are Not So Different - Comic
What Do You Want for Christmas - Comic
Wherever I Lay My Hat - Comic
Wolf at the Door - Comic


Many reasons to avoid penguins and their sneaky murderous ways.

Death By Penguin - 1
Death By Penguin - 5
Death By Penguin - 4
Death By Penguin - 6
Death By Penguin - 7
Death By Penguin - 8
Death By Penguin - 2
Death By Penguin - 3


The truth about the internet and an alternate casting list for Doctor Who

Great Internet Myths #1
Great Internet Myths #6
Great Internet Myths #7
Great Internet Myths #5
Great Internet Myths #3
Great Internet Myths #4
Great Internet Myths #2
Doctor Who - Stand Ups #1 - Billy Connolly
Doctor Who - Stand Ups #8b - Stewart Lee
Doctor Who - Stand Ups #4 - Dara O'Briain
Doctor Who - Stand Ups #9 - Ross Noble
Doctor Who - Stand Ups #6 - Eddie Izzard


You know... for the writing... or the stand up... or the acting or the comic strips... or... You know... stuff.

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