Peter has written, performed and produced a number of projects and live events. Most notable amongst these are three solo runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A fourth run was to be perfomed in 2020 but delayed due to the Corona virus pandemic. Peter is planning an online virtual comedy special for December of this year. Tickets available now at the link at the bottom of the page.


Peter E Davidson is an above average human being!

In that humans are only supposed to sleep for an average of one third of their life… and he really has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

In this hilarious new show Pete will look at all things sleep related… from nap times to snoring, the worst times to drift off, insomnia, sleep deprivation, dream theory and just how many buckets of coffee we need to function as a normal human being.

So if you’ve ever been asleep or know anyone who has ever slept… then this is the comedy show for you!


Peter E Davidson is back… and this time he’s angry! Well, not so much angry, more mad… Well, more mildly peeved… Well, trying to be…


Pete presents this hour of observational comedy all about the little things that annoy us...

It looks at everything from needless technology, over complicated sandwiches, highly successful comedians with the same name, nostalgia bating adverts for car insurance… and Paloma Faith…

You know, things that really don’t need to exist.


The world makes so little sense these days and scrambling to make sense of it all is Peter E Davidson, a man who can barely scramble out of bed in the morning.

Prepare to fathom the world of Trump, May and Foster through the Rosé wine tinted eyes of a ginger bearded fop.

The show looks at all things Brexit, face book newsfeeds, rich white guys and the appropriate sounds to make when you’re getting a massage.

And of course the show will do its best not to ignore the orange faced elephant in the corner… a certain publicity shy and humble president of the USA.

GUNS N' Rosé

In his solo Edinburgh debut comedian Peter E Davidson decides in this time of austerity, snap elections, nuclear Armageddon and the rise of the far right to go to the heart of the real issues… the abuse he gets for drinking rose wine in public.

You want to know how to drink rose wine in a manly way? Friend, you are not alone.

Peter E Davidson (Masons Comedy Derry, BBC NI ‘The Blame Game’) show is here to try answer life’s important questions: Are you born a rosé wine drinker or through a series of unfortunate incidents do you grow to be one? And how many times can you lie to a barman with the phrase ‘…and a rose for the Mrs?’ And can dignity come in the shape of a pink drink? So dust off your zinfandels, pop open some Grenache and get ready for Guns N’ Rosé.



Derry comedian Peter E Davidson is back with his 5th hour long comedy special.

The show takes a nice heartwarming and nostalgia fueled look back at the year. And boy, what a  dumpster fire of a shit show life has been in 2020.

But don't worry, it's nto goingt o be depressing! Think of it as a a fun and enjoyable way to kick the year's ass on the way out the door.

Peter will be going through month by month a recap of the year... whilst simultaneously trying to remember what months where... expecially now that time has the same logic of a melted clock in a Salvador Dali painting.

With special guest support from 


(Chicken Box Comedy).


You know... for the writing... or the stand up... or the acting or the comic strips... or... You know... stuff.

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