Peter is involved in a number of different projects in the North West of Ireland. This page shows a number of his individual skills and abilities outside of the world of comedy.


One of Peter's main loves has been comic strip illustration and writing. Inspired by a mix of the Beano and the Farside, Peter has been creating his very own four panel strips under the banner 'Pep comics.'

As well as a number of illustration comissions over the years, Peter has also been involved in comic book drawing workshops for a number of organisations and schools as well as recently being involved in a number of live comic sketching events.


Peter has been a graphic designer for a number of projects in the North West, most of his work stemming from his involvement in event promotion. From 2016 -2017 he worked at The Playhouse in Derry in marketing and programming and worked on a number of design projects for them. His mix of illustration, design and video editing skills have been utilised for many of their productions.


Peter worked as a professional TV camera man from 2001 - 2005 and has been involved in video production, education and facilitation since. His biggest video comission came in 2016 when he provided all the video footage for the critically acclaimed stage production and all Ireland tour of Colin Bateman's 'Bag For Life.' A vast multi media production featuring over 400 individual video presets.


You know, for the writing or the acting or the art work or maybe a little video making or whatnot? Or maybe a little conversation about Dr Who or Ghostbusters... That stuff is always gold.

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