Love the Concept - The Shite War


Cpt Jenkins and Cpt Burton discuss just exactly how crappy

war really is.


Written & Directed by Peter E Davidson,

Starring Jim Lecky & Peter E Davidson.

Camera; Peter Mc Donald.

Love the concept (C) 2009

Guns N' Rose - Edinburgh Preview


A promo video for Peter E Davidson's 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Show featuring a snippet from the live show recorded at Derry's Playhosue theatre November 2016.

(C) 2017 Peter E Davidson

Live at Masons Comedy Club


An early performance from Peter E Davidson, this clip features his 5th time ever performing stand up and was captured at Masons Comedy Club back in 2012.

(C) 2012 Peter E Davidson


You know, for the writing or the acting or the art work or maybe a little video making or whatnot? Or maybe a little conversation about Dr Who or Ghostbusters... That stuff is always gold.

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